On this page you will find resources for: 

  • Food, financial assistance, housing, medical care, legal aid & more
  • Psychological/mental health needs
  • Helping your student with online distance learning

Local resources for meeting your family's biological and physiological needs: 


Weekday breakfast & lunch pick up from the WHS Cafeteria. Arrangements can be made for weekends & holidays too. Contact Christy Wisdom for more information. 

Currently enrolled in a Mendocino College class? Enrolled students have FREE access to the MC Food Pantry!

Willits Community Services 229 E. San Francisco Ave. Willits, CA 95490 (707) 459-3333

Willits Daily Bread 58 Bush St. Willits, CA 95490 (707) 459-3947

Ukiah Food Bank 888 N. State St. Ukiah, CA 95482  (707) 463-2409

Plowshares Community Dining Room Free lunch daily. 1346 State St Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 462-8582

Financial Assistance:

Can't pay the bills due to Covid? Apply for the North Coast Opportunities Covid-19 Relief People Helping People Program

County of Mendocino Employment & Family Assistance Services

Housing/Employment/Unemployment/Clothing/Healthcare/Insurance/Legal aid/Immigration & more: 

Healthy Mendocino Covid-19 Resource Library:

Mendocino County Health & Human Services Agency Pandemic Resources 

Mendonoma Health Alliance Resources:

Need more? Try calling 211!

resources for your family's psychological needs: 

Click here to visit the WHS Mental Health Resources web-page. You'll find:

  • Crisis hotlines & hotline directories
  • Local mental health agencies
  • Tools to find individual providers/therapists
  • Online mental health providers
  • Information on treatment facilities
  • Apps that parents and students can download

Family Resource Centers are a home like environment where support and hope are offered to families. Whether you just need some tips on how to handle your child’s tantrums or you are interested in free parenting classes

Encourage your student to get involved! 

Community service opportunities are still out there! Go here to learn more! 

Student clubs are still active at WHS! They are just online!  

Resources to help you and your student with online distance learning:

Most important ways to support your student:
    • Provide the school with correct, updated contact information
    • Contact the main office to update your contact information anytime (707) 459-7700 
    • If you have not set-up your voicemail box, please do so.
    • If your voicemail box is full, please clear it out so school personnel can leave you messages. 
    • ¿Solo habla español? Descarga la aplicación TalkingPoints. ¡Puede enviar mensajes de texto con los maestros de sus estudiantes y TalkingPoints se traducirá en tiempo real! Pulse abajo para mas información
  • 2. Regularly communicate with your student and their teachers
  • 3. Get added to your student's Canvas classes as an Observer
    • Just email your student's teacher or school administrators and ask to be added as an Observer
    • Keep up to date on class assignments, due dates, and your student's grades
  • 4. Get your student additional help! 
  • Technology issues? Take a look at the Technology Tips & Tricks page 
  • 5. Tried everything above but nothing is working? Contact your student's counselor! 
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