January Brookside/Blosser  Joint Site Council

Blosser Lane Elementary School
Site Council Agenda/ Agenda Del Consejo Escolar
Date: Thursday, February 04, 2021 / Fecha: 04 de febrero de 2021
Time/Hora: 3:00pm - 4:30pm Virtual Location/Local virtual via Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 997 0298 5290
Passcode: 863358
1) Welcome and introductions/ Bienvenidos e introducciones
2) Call to order/ Llamar la junta en orden
3) Adoption of the agenda/ Adoptar la agenda
a. Quorum must be established if items are to be voted upon.
b. Time, by whom and second
a) First and second
4) Reading and Approval of Minutes/Lectura y aprobación de actas of January 7, 2021
a) First and second
5) Public input/opinión del publico
6) New business/ Negocios nuevos
a) Attendance Data Review
b) By-laws for TK-5 Site Council
i) Roles
ii) Quorum clarification
iii) Reports
c) LCAP input
7) Old business/ Negocios viejos
a) Comprehensive School Safety Plan (BLES)
b) Parent Support Group
c) WUSD Draft Plan for School Reopening
i) Revised School Order for Reopening Schools
ii) School Guidance Document
8) Announcements/ Anuncios
a) Principal reports/ Reportes de las directoras
b) Grade level reports/ Reportes de los grados
c) Next meeting/ Próxima reunión
9) Adjournment/ Cerrar la junta
a) Time, by whom, and second:
10)Date Posted/ Fecha de publicación: February 1, 2021

Brookside Elementary and Blosser Lane Elementary Schools
Site Council Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2021
3:00 P.M. via Zoom
Members in attendance:
Parents/Family/Community Members: Katie Cooley, Krystal Duncan, Suzanne Matheson,
Jenny Nelson, Olga O’Neill,
Teachers: Abbie Buntin Katie Cooley, Diane Johnson, Sandy Lucier, Kristin Myers, Ralanya
Other Staff: Jeff Kramer, Jorge Mendoza Heather Miya;
Principals: Nancy Runberg and Kathy Crossman
The meeting was called to order Jeff Cramer, Coordinator, at 3:05.
Everybody introduced themselves.
Motion to approve the agenda by Abbie Buntin, Suzanne Matheson 2nd
, - carried
Motion to approve minutes by Diane Johnson, Katie Cooley, 2nd
, - carried
Public Comment: None, but Nancy Runberg shared appreciation from herself and staff
members to Suzanne Matheson for creating and sharing a 5th grade lesson
New Business:
Attendance Data Review: Dr. Crossman and Jeff Kramer presented current attendance
percentages for Brookside’s as close to the same as last year at 95.8%. with somewhat more
unexcused absences. There are some issues with chronic absenteeism that are being addressed
by contact with home including home visits.
Nancy Runberg reported that Blosser Lane’s attendance percentages were also similar to last
year and with more unexcused absences. She also said they have 315 students and had expected
about 350. When asked, she responded that those 35 students were accounted for and many
were in Independent Study as on-line learning was difficult for a variety of reasons such as
connectivity. There is a waiting list for students to be on Independent Study and the district was
trying to hire a teacher to meet this need.
Home School Compacts with Revisions
Some discussion of compacts including revisions previously made
To ensure quorum and ratio of staff and parents, only 4 staff members were included voting
(Heather, Sandy, Jorge and Diane)
Motion to approve by Heather Miya, Olga O’Neill 2nd
- carried
Comprehensive School Safety Plans
Dr. Craig, a school administrator reviewed Brookside’s plan with Kathy Crossman and offered
some suggestions. In the social/emotional area that now is addressed y Second Step and PBIS
plans she had suggested looking at Tool Box which offers students strategies and a choice of
tools. Jeff Kramer will be investigating this program and reporting back.
Kathy Crossman also reported that she had sent the plan to the Interim Chief of Police to
Motion to approve this plan by Katie Cooley, Heather Miya 2nd, carried
Parent Support Group: Jeff Kramer reported that parent support was 1:1 but will revisit
parent group at a later date.
Old Business:
WUSD Draft Plan for School Reopening – Nothing new to report at this time as Mendocino
County is in Purple Tier. Suzanne Matheson had preciously shared some ideas with principals
and reiterated that safety was the main concern in re-opening schools. She also suggested that if
there is another survey perhaps admin could go through DOJO to send to parents to increase
Brookside, Kathy Crossman:
 Only staff members would be on site during first two weeks of January as a post-holiday
pandemic precaution
 Governor has shared a plan for reopening school that is not yet approved by Legislature;
includes financial incentives
 District and Admin are working on Covid-19 Safety Plan for sites
Blosser Lane, Nancy Runberg
 People are working from home if not feeling 100% well
 All students will be assessed with Acadian
 CAASP testing has not been cancelled and most likely will be given
Katie Cooley - Kindergarten
 On line not ideal for K students
 When others being on campus resumes, plan is to work with 2 students at a time rather than
1(with parent permission) – Currently do weekly 1:1
Sandy Lucier. 2
nd Grade - On line learning going well and teachers are not meeting 1:1 with
Ralanya Smith, 3rd Grade
 Classes reviewed expectations
 Science Fair information was shared
 Wondered if there were protocols in place when teacher is out, especially for a long period,
who will teach students
Abbie Buntin, 4th Grade – Things have been going well; grade level working on assessments
Diane Johnson, 5th Grade-
 Thanked Suzanne for lesson, went well
 Checking in with parents has been successful
 Kids have been responsible
 Was thrilled to be able to have engagement and connection with the students with the Live
Birth of a Lamb on her ranch
SPED, Kristin Meyers– Some students are being seen at school and services are being
Classified Heather Miya –
 Staff helping in myriad ways: morale, zooming prep, cleaning up needed areas, supporting
teachers, helping students 1:1 , amazingly dedicated
 Nancy Runberg added that she is so proud of the way the Para-professionals have stepped up
to learn new technology
Agenda items for next meeting to include School Plans for Student Achievement
Motion to adjourn at 4:06 by Heather Miya, Suzanne Matheson 2nd
- carried
Next Meeting Thursday, Feb 4. At 3:00 via Zoom.