Blosser Lane is a 3rd through 5th grade level campus; it opened in 1989. Visitors often comment about the beauty of the school campus. There is a school cafeteria and stage, we use 13 full-size general education classrooms, two special education rooms with restrooms and kitchens, one computer lab, one small book room, one small meeting area between rooms 16 and 17, one school psychologist office, two RSP classrooms (one with a restroom), and one speech and language classroom. We have four sets of student restrooms accessible from the outside. The main office complex is located in the middle of the campus. The staff room, library, conference room, principal’s office, main office, nurse’s office, a restroom accessible from the outside, and three inside restrooms are located in this complex. The pavement is lined for basketball, kickball, four square, volleyball, tether-ball, relays, and 1/8 mile run. The custodians, maintenance department, staff and students take good care of our campus. Restrooms, classrooms, and all other buildings and facilities are clean and well-maintained.