ABI Gradebook
Aeries.net Student Information System PortalThis web-based application is designed to provide school and district administrators easy access to the information they need without the need to have client software installed on their local workstation. Aeries.net can be setup and accessed from any PC that has access to the internet, using any industry-standard web browser. Provides streamlined web-based functionality fully integrated portal with real-time data access and editing school and district administrator access to all end-user areas of the system teacher access to attendance, grades, gradebook, test scores, student information on their students, and much more secure parent and student access to any information the district turns on smart phone, iPad, and tablet support.
Aeries.net Training (Videos)This is the official Aeries Teacher Portal site that contains training videos for using Aeries.net.
Online Tech Support RequestWUSD IT Department's Online Help Desk and Trouble Ticket System. This service only works within the school district network.
Sub Request OnlineSubstitute Placement & Absence Management