Technology and Connectivity

Comcast - Internet Essential Cable Internet Service
First 2 months Free for new customers ($9.95/mo after the first 60 days).
Xfinity customers will not be charged late fees and will not be disconnected.
Xfinity wifi hotspots are now available to non-xfinity customers free of charge. Anywhere xfinity wifi appears as a network option, anyone can connect.
Willits Online 
* Basic (up to 12Mbps download / 1Mbps upload): $39.95/month + taxes & fees ($61.98)
* Basic w/Doubler (up to 18mbps download / 2mbps upload): $49.95/mo + taxes & fees ($84.01)
* Pro (up to 24Mbps download / 2Mbps upload): $69.95/month + taxes & fees ($91.98)
* Pro w/Doubler (up to 40Mbps download / 5Mbps upload): $89.95/month + taxes & fees ($124.01)

Other charges:
One-time set up fee $59.95
++Modem for the "Basic" package is a one time charge of $89.99 OR you have option of leasing this modem for $5 per month. All other packages require a Bonded/VDSL2 modem to be leased for $15 per month.

Meal and Public Services

Community Services Willits Food Bank
229 E San Francisco Ave
Email: willitscs@gmail.com
Phone: 707-459-3333
Food Distribution Times:
Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 4:30pm
Willits High School
Breakfast and Lunch pickup
Distribution M-F
8am-10am and 11am-1pm
Sherwood Valley Food Distribution Program
Provided to low-income families with at least one person in the household claiming certified Indian status
Application process required
Applying for WIC
WIC is a federal program that focuses on nutrition for women, infants and children. The program provides financial support for the purchase of healthy foods.
Due to COVID-19 many people have had changes in their income and may now qualify for WIC.
Check here to see if you qualify
Filing for Unemployment
To apply for Unemployment benefits go to the Employment Development Department website.
The link above will bring you right to the EDD website where you can file a claim.
Here is the EDD Coronavirus resource link